If you are insured by Farmers Insurance and your car has been involved in a collision since 2015, you may have legal rights to pursue.

A vehicle that has been wrecked in an accident and then repaired is usually worth less than it was before the accident.  This difference in value is referred to as diminished value. Under certain provisions of your Farmers’ Insurance automobile coverage, Farmers may be legally obligated to compensate you for the diminished value of your vehicle due to collision-related damage. However, many times insurance companies, including Farmers, fail to fully compensate their insureds for diminished value losses pursuant to their policy provisions.  

If you are a California resident covered by a Farmers Insurance policy and were in an accident between 2015 and the present that was not your fault, you may be entitled to diminished value for collision-related damages.  Please submit your contact information below so a representative from Bonnett Fairbourn can contact you to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation or have rights to pursue.