Have you purchased Nature’s Bounty Time-Released Niacin 250 mg dietary supplement?

Bonnett Fairbourn is currently pursuing a lawsuit against Nature’s Bounty and NBTY – the manufacturers of the Nature’s Bounty Time-Released Niacin 250 mg dietary supplement.  Plaintiff alleges that Nature’s Bounty’s Time-Released Niacin 250 mg dietary supplement contains significantly more niacin than necessary to meet the average consumer’s niacin needs, yet Nature’s Bounty does not inform consumers of that.  This is important because there are certain possible side effects that can result from taking too much niacin – Nature’s Bounty does not advise consumers about the majority of the possible side effects on the product labels.  Further, Nature’s Bounty does not disclose on its labels that 97-98% of consumers do not require more than 14-16 mg niacin per day such that the representation that the product “Support[] Nervous System & Energy Production” is misleading and the product is not actually providing a health benefit.  All of the above facts are material and necessary to make the niacin product labels truthful and not misleading to consumers.

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If you have purchased Nature’s Bounty Time-Released Niacin 250 mg dietary supplement, you may be entitled to participate in this lawsuit.  Please submit your contact information below so a representative from Bonnett Fairbourn can contact you to determine whether you may have rights to pursue.