Have you been charged a fee to pay your mortgage over the phone or online?

Several banks, mortgage lenders and servicers charge fees to homeowners for paying their mortgage over the phone. Some banks and lenders even charge fees for online payments within the loan grace period. Such fees may be illegal under California law and not permitted under the terms of most standard mortgage agreements. These mortgages may include FHA and VA loans which are subject to certain federal regulations that list what fees that banks, lenders, and servicers are permitted to charge for FHA and VA loans.  Some consumers have already filed class actions against certain banks and lenders to challenge the legality of these mortgage payment fees and to recover money they may be owed as a result of these fees.

If you own a home in California and were charged a fee just to pay your mortgage over the phone or online, you may have a legal claim against your bank, lender, or servicer including possible monetary compensation. Please submit your contact information below and a representative from BFFB will contact you to help determine whether you may be entitled to compensation and have a legal claim to pursue at no cost to you.

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