Are you a delivery driver or do you assemble products for retail companies who classify you as an independent contractor?

Many large retailers contract with companies that provide labor to deliver the company’s products and assemble the company’s products in customers’ homes.  The workers who conduct the deliveries or perform the assembly service are often classified as independent contractors.  This may result in the worker being paid on a per-delivery or per-assembly basis.  However, many workers operating as independent contractors are actually employees who should get paid the minimum wage and overtime when the worker performs more than forty hours of work in a week.  This is especially true when the worker is told when, where, and what to deliver or assemble for a company. 

Bonnett Fairbourn is currently investigating various retailers and the companies who contract with workers to provide delivery and assembly of products, including companies like IKEA, XPO Logistics, and many others.

If you have performed labor delivering or assembling products for a company and were not paid overtime, you may be entitled to back wages and additional damages.  Please submit your contact information below if you would like Bonnett Fairbourn to contact you about your situation.